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Vijay A. D'Souza is currently Director of the North Eastern Institute of Language and Culture (NEILAC), Guwahati, An Associate Member of the Faculty of Linguistics, University of Oxford and Academic and Research Guide of the Aka (Hrusso) Language Academy, Arunachal Pradesh. He obtained his doctorate in linguistics from University of Oxford, UK in 2021. He has worked with the Hrusso indigenous community of Arunachal Pradesh for over 20 years, contributing to the development of orthography and revival of the Hrusso language. A member of the Jesuit order, he continues the Jesuit tradition of deep respect for indigenous cultures and languages, and seeks to learn from and collaborate with linguistic communities of North East India. He specialises in phonology, language documentation, language description, and revival of endangered languages and cultures. His fields of interest also include language and ecology, language and identity, and mother tongue education.


NEILAC, Jagriti 1st Floor, GMCH Road, Guwahati

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